Environment and Quality Policies

ISO14001 (Environment Management System)
In order to contribute towards the environment we will expand our activities in environmental management system (EMS) since 2002. We acquired our ISO14001 certification in December 2002. Each employee understands that we are "renting the earth." Each one of us contributes to the global environment and as a company in metallic distribution and solution services.
ISO9001 (Quality Management System)
With the aim of evolution and development in distribution, we activated our unique backbone systems to strengthen our distribution function since January 2002. (Full-scale operations further ) to improve our distribution function. We have expand the improvement activities within the quality management system (QMS), were we are certified as ISO9001-2000 as of July 2004. As a company that supports world renowned Japanese manufacturing infrastructure and leads the way in metallic distribution and solution services besides "E, Q, C, D and S", all staff improve sustainability.